• Successfully completed our “Introduction To Options” course.
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  • Familiar with the use of TD Ameritrade to place trades and perform basic navigation through the platform.


  • Revise Basics of Options.
  • Developing the Trading Mindset.
  • Exercises to build your Trading Psychology.
  • Simplifying Technical Analysis & Charting.
  • Optimized usage of brokerage platform. (TOS)
  • Effective use of probability and statistics into every trade.
  • Drawing P/L Charts without Software.
  • Trend Trading Strategies.
  • VIX Strategies.
  • Earnings Strategies.
  • Introduction to Spreads.
  • Portfolio & Risk Management.
  • Kelly’s criterion and Optimal Position Sizing.


  • My introductory course on options FREE.
  • 2 LIVE TRADING sessions on zoom after the end of the workshop.
  • Lifetime Facebook Group Access.
  • 3 months of FREE access to all the trades that I am doing in REAL TIME
  • Monthly meetings on Zoom to discuss Q&A.
  • Huge discounts on trading commissions when trading with TD Ameritrade. (over 80% discount)
  • Access to my resources & networks.
  • Money back guarantee at the end of 1 year from graduating, if you applied what was taught and still cannot generate any profits from the stock market.

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